About us


On 22 April 2000, a study group was gathered by Bro. Karl Gaspar, CSsR to discuss the various issues affecting Mindanao. The first meeting at the University of the Philippines Mindanao Cultural Center was convened to listen to Fr. Albert E. Alejo, SJ’s sharing on his research on cultural energies on Mt. Apo. The next meeting was to discuss a study on the culture of insurgency in Davao City. Everyone though, in the group has been interested in developing Mindanao perspectives in relation to environment, politics, development issues and Lumad concerns. From these series of meetings, the group started to plan the institutionalization of a Lumad Institute to be housed in the Ateneo de Davao University. Since then, the institute formally adopted the name Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural Dialogue which focused on the various issues of the Lumads of Mindanao.

Mindanawon envisions …

A just, peaceful, abundant and multicultural Mindanao where women and men are unified by a MindanaWon consciousness that asserts and celebrates diverse identities and the integrity of creation.

To achieve this, MindanaWon strives…

To serve as a center for the creative and critical promotion of indigenous people’s rights, cultural identity, initiatives, assertions, and social movements.

Goals and strategies

To help in knowledge production that would enrich the understanding of Mindanawon experiences, and inform interventions of government & civil society.

  • Research, Documentation& Publication
  • Archival Collection & Library
  • Policy Advocacy

To support indigenous people’s initiatives & assertions

  • Capacity Building: Scholarship & Youth Formation
  • Capacity Building: Self- Determination (economic, political, cultural &spiritual)
  • Capacity Building: Formation of researchers, educators, Church & Development Workers

To efficiently, effectively and sustainably manage Mindanawon towards the achievement of its goals:

  • Resource Mobilization
  • Strategies that cut across

Networking & Partnership
Learning Circles& Conversations (Linking theoreticians & practitioners)

  • Thematic Priorities

Ancestral Domain Claims and Management
Self Determination
Peace & Gender